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Countdown for Disney World Dlx

Fond décran animé Voyages et infos locales Widgets

NOTIFICATION (Note 7 Users): It looks like Samsung has removed your ability to get to the Live Wallpaper area of Android but in v19+ we have put this into the App. When exiting the app after setting your vacation date, just click "Apply" when prompted with a question and follow the directions. Until Samsung adds this ability back in though you may only be able to set this as your background & not your Lock Screen.v20 Note: If you already had "random" selected it may keep toggling the background. Just un-select it, exit, and select it again and you will be fine from there on out.
This is a unofficial simple app that has both a Live Wallpaper/Background & a Widget for Walt Disney World to show a countdown of how many days are left until your up and coming vacation.
Note: Please watch the video if you are having issues getting this working :). The video should be in the Google Play storefront on this page or you can visit the website below on this page.
Steps to add Live Wallpaper/Background:1) Set the date by opening the app portion2) Go to change your background3) Choose Live Background4) Select the "Disney World Countdown Deluxe" Live Background5) (Optional) Click Settings and change the picture or background main color6) Click Apply or Set7) Enjoy :)
Steps to add Widget:1) Set the date by opening the app portion2) Add the widget portion to a home screen with space(if you have issues please watch the video)
If you enjoy Walt Disney World - this is the Disney location in Orlando Florida that includes Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom, not Disneyland in California - and you have a trip planned it is fun to display this themed WDW widget on your Android device.
NailDriven LLC is not affiliated with Disney, we just love their vacation destinations and want to help others enjoy them too!!